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<td>[[Image:WA - Coventry, Walsgrave Baptist Church.jpg|thumb|150px|Walsgrave Baptist Church. Submitted by Michael]]</td>
<td>[[Image:WA - Coventry, Walsgrave Cemetery chapel.jpg|thumb|150px||[[Talk:Places of Worship: Coventry|Walsgrave Cemetery chapel]]. Submitted by Michael]]</td>
<td>[[Image:WA - Coventry, Walsgrave, St Mary.jpg|thumb|150px|St. Mary's, Walsgrave. Submitted by Michael]]</td> -</tr></table> -<br>

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Walsgrave Baptist Church. Submitted by Michael
Walsgrave Cemetery chapel. Submitted by Michael
St. Mary's, Walsgrave. Submitted by Michael



St John the Baptist. Submitted by Michael


St. Michael. Submitted by Bo the Bodger


Castle Hill Baptist Church. Submitted by Michael‎
Chantry Chapel of St. James. Submitted by Michael‎
Friends Meeting House. Submitted by Michael‎
St Mary. Submitted by Michael‎

St. Mary Immaculate (RC). Submitted by JBee
St Nicholas. Submitted by Positive Pauline‎
Unitarian Chapel. Submitted by JBee
Warwick Castle chapel. Submitted by Michael


St. James. Submitted by Cresser

Weston under Wetherley

St Michael. Submitted by Michael‎


St. Peter. Submitted by Bo the Bodger


All Saints. Submitted by Michael


  • St. James, Willenhall* - derelict by 1411.


St. Mary the Virgin. Submitted by JBee


St. John the Baptist. Submitted by Mary from Italy

Wootton Wawen

Our Lady and St. Benedict (RC). Submitted by JBee
RC Cemetery Chapel. Submitted by JBee
St. Peter's. Submitted by JBee
Wootton Hall (former RC Chapel). Submitted by JBee
  • Wootton Hall RC Chapel was in use until 1904, when it was replaced by Our Lady and St. Benedict.

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