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[[Category:Online Research]]
[[Category:Starting Out]]
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* '''[[:Category:Starting Out|Starting Out]]''' Advice and resources for carrying out your research.
:* [[:Category:Online Research|Online Research]]
:* [[:Category:Census Search|Using Census Returns]]
:* [[:Category:Certificates|Certificates (Civil Registration)]]
* '''[[:Category:General Reference|General Reference]]''' Information, reference and resources.
* '''[[:Category:Regional Projects|Regional Projects]]''' Includes the Project ~ '''[[Places of Worship]]'''
* '''[[Family Tree Forum Costume Gallery]]'''
* '''[[:Category:Adopted Pages|Adopted Pages]]'''
* '''[[Work_in_progress|Work in progress]]'''
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[[image:minibad.jpg]] '''[[:Category:Help|The Wiki Guide]] How to use The Wiki.
==Advice On How To Begin Your Research==
'''[[Creating Your Family Tree]]'''
:*[[How to store it all...]]
:*[[Method of recording Direct Ancestors]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Tracking down your ancestors before 1900]]
'''Case Study:''' [[Searching for the records of James William Sudder]]
==Carrying Out Your Research==
'''[[Online Research]]'''
:*[[Site Reviews]]
'''Collections of links categorised by location:~'''
These pages are where any link which is specific to any country (or county) on any topic will be found.
:*'''[[The British Isles]]'''
:*'''[[World Index Page]]'''
'''Visual guide:''' [[Visual Introduction to Family Search]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Visual Introduction to ScotlandsPeople]]
====Record Offices, Archives Etc.====
'''[[Records Office Guide]]'''
:*[[Latter Day Saints Family History Libraries]] (LDS)
:*[[The National Archives|A Guide to using the National Archives & A2A websites]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Using the Global Search box on the National Archives Home Page]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Searching the NRA Catalogue]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Finding and downloading a medal card]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Finding and downloading a will]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Searching the Catalogue]]
*[[Archive Collections]]
*[[A-Z of County/Local Council Contacts]]
*[[County research venues]]
*[[Research venues|National research venues]]
*[[English and Welsh Archives offices ]]
*[[Irish Research]]
*[[Scotland Archive offices]]
*[[Other Genealogical Wiki Sites]]
====Civil Registration====
*[[Registration Districts]]
*[[Parish Registers]]
*[[IGI Batch Numbers - British Isles and North America]]
*[[Victorian Registrars and the GRO]]
*[[Searching for the Deceased]]
'''[[All About Certificates]] '''
*[[BMD Certificates]]
*[[Certificate tutorials]]
*[[Scanned and Handwritten Certificates Guide]]
*[[England and Wales Certificates]]
*[[International Certificates]]
*[[Ordering Maltese Certificates]]
*[[Scottish Certificates]]
*[[Unwanted Certificates]] ~ members' unwanted certificates
'''Visual guide:''' [[Finding a Birth on Ancestry Partial BMD Index|Finding a Birth Reference on Ancestry Partial BMD Index]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Searching for BMD on the IGI]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Finding children by searching for their parents on the IGI]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Searching the FreeBMD site]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Searching for a marriage when you only know the names of one spouse|Searching for a marriage on FreeBMD when you only know the name of one spouse]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Searching for BMD on ScotlandsPeople]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Searching for BMD on Family Relatives]][[image:unfinish.jpg]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Searching for BMD on FindMyPast]][[image:unfinish.jpg]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Using the Complete BMD indexes on ancestry]][[image:unfinish.jpg]]
====Census Returns====
'''[[Census Search]] '''
*[[Census address search]]
*[[Missing Census Pages]]
*[[Missing your relatives in 1881?]]
'''Case study:''' [[Finding Martha]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Searching a census on Ancestry]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Refine your search]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[The surname may have been written differently]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Finding images from a particular parish]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Finding those names]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Missing family in 1861]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Searching the 1881 census on the LDS]]
'''Visual guide:''' [[Searching a census on ScotlandsPeople]] [[image:unfinish.jpg]]
====Other Types Of Records====
*[[Coroner’s Records]]
*[[Directories of Victorian and Edwardian Photographers]]
*[[Directories: Trade, Street and City]]
*[[Divorce and Annulments]]
*[[Electoral Registers and Poll Books]]
*[[Hospital Records]]
*[[Manorial, Land and Estate Deeds]]
*[[Poor Law and Workhouse Records]]
*[[School Records]]
*[[Scottish Records]]
*[[Taxation Records]]
*[[Wills and Probate]]
==Pages Dealing With Military And Maritime Resources==
*[[Records of Merchant Seamen]]
*[[The Royal Navy]]
*[[A-Z List of Ex-Military Service]]
*[[Military Records]]
*[[The Army]]
*[[British Army Regiments]]
*[[The Royal Air Force]]
*[[World War One]]
*[[World War Two]]
*[[War Memorials]]
==Pages For General Reference==
'''The [[Big Book]] of Genealogy'''
'''Our online photograph album: [[Places of Worship]]'''
*[[Architectural drawings and building plans]]
*[[Charitable Organisations]]
*[[Costume Past and Present]]
*[[Degrees of Kinship]]
*[[Emigration and Immigration]]
*[[Forbidden Marriages]]
*[[Information about Specific Cemeteries]]
*[[Irish Political and Social History]]
*[[Cemetery Lookup -Terms and Conditions|Lookups ~ Terms and Conditions]]
*[[Records Office/Cemetery/Churchyard Lookups|Lookups ~ What is needed?]]
*[[Records Office/Cemetery/Graveyard Lookups]]
*[[Maps and Photography]]
*[[Maps: Tithe and Ordnance Survey]]
*[[Medical Terms & Diseases]]
*[[See How Your Ancestors Lived]]
*[[Law and Law Enforcement]]
*[[Family History Books]]
*[[Useful Reference Information]]
*[[Weights and Measures]]
'''[[FTF Online Magazine]]'''
:*[[Family History Publications]]
:*[[Newspapers and Journals]]
'''[[Surname Directory]] ~ member interests'''
*[[Common Forename Abbreviations]]
*[[Latin Names and Genealogical Terms]]
*[[Latin Names in Catholic Records]]
*[[Naming Patterns]]
====Trades and occupations====
*[[Law and Law Enforcement]]
*[[Canals and Canal Carriers]]
*[[Directories of Victorian and Edwardian Photographers]]
*[[Directories: Trade, Street and City]]
*[[Farming and Agriculture]]
*[[Inns and Public Houses]]
*[[Mining and Heavy Industry]]
*[[Religion and the Clergy]]
==Help with using The Wiki==
[[image:minibad.jpg]] '''[[:Category:Help|The Wiki Guide]]
:*[[Adding Unwanted BMD Certificates]]
:*[[Code for Hyperlinks]]
:*[[Editing Your User Page]]
:*[[Examples of useful code]]
:*[[Formatting Text]]
:*[[Help:Notes for Editors]]
:*[[Help:Notes for Users]]
:*[[Mixing Text and Images]]
:*[[Navigating The Wiki]]
:*[[New Pages]]
:*[[Places of Worship ~ Adding Photographs]]
:*[[Places of Worship ~ Photographs from a Thread]] [[image:unfinish.jpg]]
:*[[Places of Worship ~ Resizing Photographs]]
:*[[Places of Worship ~ Your Camera to The Wiki]] [[image:unfinish.jpg]]
:*[[Searching The Wiki]]
:*[[Style and Presentation]]
:*[[Surname Help]]
:*[[Template for County Pages]]
:*[[The Playground]]
:*[[Uploading Images to The Wiki]]
:*[[Using Images as Hyperlinks]]
:*[[Using Multiple Images]]
:*[[Working With Images]]
:*[[Working With Tables]]
*[[Copyright Guidelines]]
*[[Terms and Conditions]]
*[[GNU Free Documentation License]]
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<tr><td class="tcat" border="0">Help With Genealogy Related Software</td></tr>
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<table border="0" width="100%">
<td align="left" valign="top"width="50%" class="alt2">
*[[GEDCOM File Guide and FAQ]]
*[[Example GEDCOM file]]
*[[GEDCOM Troubleshooter]]
*[[Uploading a GEDCOM to Family Tree Forum]]
*[[Genealogy Applications and Packages]]
<td align="left" valign="top" width="50%" class="alt2">
*[[Legacy ]]
*[[Family Historian]]
*[[Family Tree Maker]] (FTM)
*[[Personal Ancestral File (PAF)]]
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<tr><td class="tcat" border="0">General Computer Help</td></tr>
<td class="alt2">Information coming soon</td>
[[Main Page|Wiki Home Page]]
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