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[[Main Page|Wiki Home Page]]
[[Main Page|Wiki Home Page]]
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  • Starting Out Advice and resources for carrying out your research.

Minibad.jpg The Wiki Guide How to use The Wiki.

Advice On How To Begin Your Research

Creating Your Family Tree

Visual guide: Tracking down your ancestors before 1900

Case Study: Searching for the records of James William Sudder

Carrying Out Your Research

Online Research

Collections of links categorised by location:~

These pages are where any link which is specific to any country (or county) on any topic will be found.

Visual guide: Visual Introduction to Family Search

Visual guide: Visual Introduction to ScotlandsPeople

Record Offices, Archives Etc.

Records Office Guide

Visual guide: Using the Global Search box on the National Archives Home Page

Visual guide: Searching the NRA Catalogue

Visual guide: Finding and downloading a medal card

Visual guide: Finding and downloading a will

Visual guide: Searching the Catalogue

Civil Registration


All About Certificates

Visual guide: Finding a Birth Reference on Ancestry Partial BMD Index

Visual guide: Searching for BMD on the IGI

Visual guide: Finding children by searching for their parents on the IGI

Visual guide: Searching the FreeBMD site

Visual guide: Searching for a marriage on FreeBMD when you only know the name of one spouse

Visual guide: Searching for BMD on ScotlandsPeople

Visual guide: Searching for BMD on Family RelativesUnfinish.jpg

Visual guide: Searching for BMD on FindMyPastUnfinish.jpg

Visual guide: Using the Complete BMD indexes on ancestryUnfinish.jpg

Census Returns

Census Search

Case study: Finding Martha

Visual guide: Searching a census on Ancestry

Visual guide: Refine your search

Visual guide: The surname may have been written differently

Visual guide: Finding images from a particular parish

Visual guide: Finding those names

Visual guide: Missing family in 1861

Visual guide: Searching the 1881 census on the LDS

Visual guide: Searching a census on ScotlandsPeople Unfinish.jpg

Other Types Of Records

Pages Dealing With Military And Maritime Resources

Pages For General Reference


The Big Book of Genealogy

Our online photograph album: Places of Worship


FTF Online Magazine


Surname Directory ~ member interests

Trades and occupations

Help with using The Wiki

Minibad.jpg The Wiki Guide

Help With Genealogy Related Software

General Computer Help
Information coming soon

Wiki Home Page