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[[image:at Thomas Bourne.jpg|200px|right|thumb|Daddy's blue eyed girl, aged about 8]]
I am researching 2 lots of family tree- both my post and pre adoption roots.
My adoptive family - thats those I call Mum and Dad, originate in Hertfordshire and Surrey , and interestingly both via Buckinghamshire. Dads family name is one of those irritating country wide ones, whereas Mums, is very much a local one, ripe for a one name study, if I had the time.
My birth family is somewhat complicated, my birth mother coming from scotland, and my birth father from Northern Ireland. I guess looking back at where they came from is perhaps not quite as interesting as the here and now, but something I shall persue more fully one day.
Principle names that I am researching are:<br><br>
'''Dwight, Mitchell, Tomlin, Charman, Bowden, Barnhill, and possibly D'arcy & Busby '''
[[image:Alan 028.jpg|300px|left|thumb|My birth sister]]<br><br>
[[image:Alan 036.jpg|300px|right|thumb|My family]]

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