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Eccles Churchyard

File:Berwickshire, Eccles Parish Church Glen.jpg
Eccles Parish Church, Berwickshire Submitted by Glen TK

Eccles Parish Church remains in use today, sitting on the southern end of the village, the graveyard extends around the church. The graveyard is well kept but sections are quite open to the elements. The area is quite rural and agriculture has always provided the main employment, as a result many of the burial plots quote farm or house names which may also appear on extracts from the registers and census returns. Many of the stones have large numbers of names inscribed which may prove useful when trying to unravel some of the more common Borders surnames.

The Monumental Inscriptions of Eccles churchyard were compiled by the Borders FHS some time ago, since the MI list was created many of the stones have been removed, been damaged or weathered so badly that they are no longer legible.

File:Eccles Meikle Stone 18.jpg
Meikle Headstone, Eccles Churchyard, Berwickshire Submitted by Glen TK

Erected by Alexander Meikle, Coldstream.
In affectionate rememberance of James Meikle his son who died at Birgham 9th May 1853 aged 21 years. He is not lost but gone before.
Also Isabella Meikle, his daughter who died at Coldstream 3rd May 1871 aged 30 years.
Also Agnes Patterson wife of the above who died on the 7th of October 1875 aged 75 years.
Also the above Alexander Meikle who died 26th May 1882 aged 84 years.

Inscription to be completed

File:Eccles Clazy Stone 11.jpg
Clazy Headstone, Eccles Parish Church, Berwickshire Submitted by Glen TK

The following headstone is inscribed with the Alexander, Clazy and Leitch surnames, inscriptions are on both the front and rear. The stone is partially buried and well weathered as can be seen in the image, the inscription is taken from an old MI listing available at Duns Library.

George Clazy 5.10.1833 69 yrs.
wife Agnes Alexander 31.10.1852 83 yrs.
son Adam d. at Greenlees 7.6.1837 37 yrs.
dau. Helen )wife of John Leitch) 17.6.1839 29 yrs.
? dau. of Adam Clazy

Inscription on rear of stone.

Agnes Clazy 14.8.1879 75 yrs