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LABOUCHERE Anywhere samesizedfeet

LACKEY Ireland, Durham & surrounding area, Peterborough yummy-mummy-of-2

LADBROOK Colchester Essex Suein10b

LADLOW Lincolnshire Lady Liberty

LAIDLER Stanhope, Co Durham Jean and Tonic

LAIRD Stirlingshire Scotland Just Gillian

LAIRD marylou

"'LAKIN"' Derbyshire/Staffs Lensgirl,br>
LALLY Kiltormer, Co.Galway. Island of St. Helena. Birr, Co. Offaly. London. Lewes, Sussex. Ann from Sussex

LAMB Chorlton on Medlock Lady Liberty

LAMB Pendleton, Salford, Manchester, Lancs Dea

LAMMAS London East End Lal

LANE Liverpool Deb Vancouver

LANGBRIDGE Wandsworth, Battersea. Bobtail

LANGFORD Stonor Oxon and Greenwich jc26red

LANGLEY Isle of Wight Grampa Jim

LANGLOIS Jersey/Brighton Kim

LANGWORTHY Kingskerswell, Devon Dizzy Doris

LANKFORD England poytheboy

LAST Suffolk Bev&Kev

LAUNCHBURY Lincolnshire/Oxfordshire Jennie

LAWCOCK Douglas Lanarkshire gloryer

LAWLER Co. Kildare, Ireland and Sydney, Australia. Mary from Italy

LAWLESS Co.Dublin / DublinCity kathsgirl.48

LAWRENCE Birmingham Warwickshire Debi Coone

LAWRENCE London And Northampton Gwen@coggiecorner

LAWRENCE Walsall FintyLintyLulu

LAWSON/LOWSON Wensleydale Grampa Jim

LAY London GeneJeannie

LE GEYT Jersey and Kent Roger in Sussex

LEADER Hertfordshire Julie

LEARY englishrose

LEATHERBARROW looking for Annie but don't know where she came from! Just Mandy

LEATON/LEATEN/LEADEN from Hunts & Cambs. Sand Dancer

LEATT Holborn area, London allie island

LECKIE Calderbank, Lanarkshire & Birmingham. Glasgow area & Calderbank & Coatbridge. What the Dickens

LEE Openshaw, Salford, Manchester cazziej

LEE Buckinghamshire Caroline

LEE South Milford Yorkshire LizMac

LEE Croydon, Battersea, Fulham Julie

LEE Chelsea,London Nichola

LEECH London Vanessa Tallon

LEECH Oxfordshire Grampa Jim

LEGEYT Jersey and Kent Roger in Sussex

LEGGETT Great Yarmouth Empty nester almost

LEGON London Gill1957

LEITCH Rothesay JBee

LEIVERS Nottinghamshire Kath nr the Crooked Spire

LEIVERS Notts and Derbys rebekahm28

LEMIN / LEMON Cornwall ( some in Bodmin Jail ) Pips and JR

LENHART Pennsylvania,USA.Manhattan,NYC,USA. California,USA. Ann from Sussex

LESTER Stoke on Trent Carolyn Parkins

LETHAM, later LEATHAM Wor canny Lass

LEVERAGE Suffolk Lensgirl

LEWCOCK from anywhere Caroline

LEWER Sussex. Ann from Sussex

LEWIN Bedfordshire cookingkaz

LEWIS Shropshire Wilf

LIDSTER Merrington, Co Durham Jean and Tonic

LIGHT Gillingham Dorset and Southampton cookingkaz

LILBURN(E) Kirkcaldy Fife (1700's) norahmason

LILLEY Kent London and Sussex area Margaret from Kent

LINE Steeple Ashton, Wilts Elaine in Reading

LINES Hertfordshire Lucia

LING Stradbroke, Hoxne, Suffolk Carolyn Parkins

LING Suffolk Bev&Kev

LING Suffolk and West Ham Essex karen eastlondon

LINKSON Anywhere samesizedfeet

LINNET Ongar/White Notley Essex maz in the east end

LINNETT Northants, Warks and Middlesex Marie C..

LISGO Co.Durham.Durham Player

LISTER Sheffield Suejmog

LISTER Leeds, Yorkshire bren.mac

LITTLEWOOD Manchester, Lancashire Louise

LITTLEWOOD Sheffield Suejmog

LITTLEWOOD Clacton Essex Debi Coone

LLOYD Barnsley area Dawnd

LLOYD India/Liverpool clematised

LLOYD Shropshire to Walsall kiansmom

LLOYD Liverpool and Salford, Lancashire and possibly Mold, Flintshire, Wales Jaqui Wall

LOCK Ridge, Hertfordshire Jeanette In Yorkshire

LOCKHART Dungiven, Co Londonderry, Northern Ireland Raven

LOCKINGS Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire Mary from Italy

LOCKYER Devon Darksecretz

LODGE Ongar area and The Rodings, Essex maz in the east end

LOGUE Manchester, Lancashire Louise

LOMAS/LOMAX/LOOMAS Coventry Mark Dudley

LONDRIGAN Co Cork, Ireland/ New Zealand. Harrys mum

LOUGHREN Londonderry Kate from Scotland

LOVE Julia

LOVELL Leire, Leicestershire, Birmingham Yvonne the Sandgrounder

LOVERIDGE Gloucestershire/Wiltshire/Oxfordshire/Hampshire. Cloth Ears

LOWSON Kirriemuir JBee

LUCAS London Lucia

LUCAS Birmingham Lynn The Forest Fan

LUCAS London Tina Marie

LUCKIN Sussex/Surrey Kim

LUCKING Essex or Surrey Lal


LUNDBERG Glasgow val666

LUNN Walsall kiansmom

LUSHER Norfolk lacemaker

LYON Liverpool Cloggie

LYON/LYONS Yorkshire SBPF Wendy

LYONS Co Mayo and Wales Lynn The Forest Fan

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