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IBBOTSON - Pendleton, Salford, Lancs Dea

IDDON - Lancashire, predominantly Croston and Preston Daisy

ILAND -Ireland or Manchester/Sheerness Kent/Maryborough Queensland Australia MacPanda

INCH-St Kew, Cornwall. Pips and JR

INCH -Cornwall / Lanteglos/Camelford Bethanys Gran

INGLEBY-Derbyshire and Co Durham Jean and Tonic

INMAN - Kildwick, Skipton and Bradford, Yorks and NSW, Australia. Mary from Italy

INNALLS - Anywhere Ninnamarie

IRLAM/ EARLAM /ERLAM & Variants Lancashire/Cheshire clematised

IRONS - Liverpool and Scotland Libby

IRVINE - Pendleton, Salford, Lancs Dea

ISELEY/ISLEY Mainly in Huntingdonshire but desperate to find Theophilus Iseley's beginnings. Hilary ISIT/ ISSITT/ ISITT/ ISSIT and all variations in spelling in Leicestershire and Warwickshire JoJo

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