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<div align="right">[[Image:initialsI.jpg|150px]]</div>
<div align="right">[[Image:initialsI.jpg|150px]]</div>
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IBBOTSON Pendleton, Salford, Lancs Dea

IDDON Lancashire, predominantly Croston and Preston Daisy

ILAND Ireland or Manchester/Sheerness Kent/Maryborough Queensland Australia MacPanda

ILIFFE/ILIFE/ILIFF in Leicestershire and Warwickshire JoJo

INCH Cornwall / Lanteglos/Camelford Bethanys Gran

INCH St Kew, Cornwall. Pips and JR

INGLEBY Derbyshire and Co Durham Jean and Tonic

INGHAM Lancashire Matt's Mum

INMAN Kildwick, Skipton and Bradford, Yorks and NSW, Australia. Mary from Italy

INNALLS Anywhere Ninnamarie

IRLAM/ EARLAM /ERLAM & Variants Lancashire/Cheshire clematised

IRONS Liverpool and Scotland Libby

IRVINE Pendleton, Salford, Lancs Dea

ISELEY/ISLEY Mainly in Huntingdonshire but desperate to find Theophilus Iseley's beginnings. Hilary

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