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This Surname Directory is really intended for those names which would not appear in the GEDCOM database because the “owners” of the surname have been born since 1900 and have no date of death, or for those members who do not have a computerised version of their tree and would still like to enter their main names.

All 2619 surnames have been collected, any duplicates removed and the lists alphabetised, from the original Surname Lists in the Reference Section of the Family Tree Forum.

Any offers of databases, resources, wills etc. or generally interesting items have been collected up and have been added to One name researchin the Genealogy General section of the Family Tree Forum.

Those original threads have now been deleted.

You can search the GEDCOM database in the Family Tree Forum to find possible matches.

If you want to add your surname interests to the Surname Directory, there are two ways to do it:

The best way is to add your own tree to the GEDCOM database which gives you the facility to search by name, place and/or year of birth. Otherwise you can add them to the relevant pages in this Surname Directory.

You are welcome to enter your names into the Wiki yourself, but you need to be prepared to code them yourself. A “How to Guide” will appear here in due course ..

If you don’t want to enter the names yourself, please enter them on [put link in here]. Before you ask for them to be entered, please check that they do not already appear.

N.B. The Surname Directory in the Wiki is only for surnames, not for individuals or for lookup requests – if you are looking for a specific individual you can ask for help on the Research Advice section of the Family Tree Forum.

Please enter your names using the following format:

SURNAME (in capital letters) Location (in Title Case) User name

SMITH Ireland, Scotland, London & Australia Mickey the Mouse

JONES Middlesex and Kent Donald ~ Duck

BARNABY Midsomer Common and Kent *Jim the Detective*

Don't add extra punctuation between the name and location!!

For help in adding your Surnames CLICK HERE

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