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1840 - 1850

1851 - 1860

1861 - 1870

1871 - 1880

Late 1870s
Cycle club uniforms. Submitted by Jill on the A272.
Owning and riding a pennyfarthing required plenty of money, energy and daring. The brake when it existed was not very efficient and when freewheeling downhill the feet were taken off the pedals which continued to turn at the same rate as the wheel, riders often put their legs over the handlebars. Consequently the men are wearing knee breeches for their flexibility and being tighter fitting there is no excess fabric to catch in the mechanisms, worn with shoes rather than boots which would restrict ankle movement. The jackets have plenty of pockets for all those odds and ends useful for touring cyclists, both wear neckerchiefs held by a metal ring, there is no shirt collar visible, there may have been a light jersey worn underneath. Their hats have a club badge.

The photo, taken at Catherine St, Salisbury is close to the anciently named Pennyfarthing Street which may have been the reason for their visit. The cyclist on the right lived in Sevenoaks, Kent and family legend has it that he was the first man to ride a pennyfarthing from London to Wales. He also has some sort of bag slung on his back from a cord across his chest.

1881 - 1890

1891 - 1900

1901 - 1910

Sportwear. Submitted by Sue from Southend
My Grandmother

1911 - 1920

Swimsuit. Submitted by Jill on the A272.
Worn by a young woman from Brighton, Sussex.

1921 - 1930

Swimwear. Submitted by Judith M.
Doris King (my mum) with swimming cup won by Hamstell Road School, Southend. She went on to be secretary of Tottenham swimming club, first met my dad on a swimming club outing and was still swimming in the Blackwater estuary in Essex until she was over 80.
Sportwear. Submitted by Margaret in Burton
My great grandfather (seated far right) and the Burton Albion, Tug of War team.
Sportwear. Submitted by Margaret in Burton
Burton Albion Tug of War team.
Camberwell Central School. Submitted by Langley Vale Sue
This is Camberwell Central School, London, cricket team, taken in 1926. They were Premier Cricket Champions that year.

1931 - 1940

1941 - 1950

1951 - 1960

Swimwear. Submitted by Jill on the A272.
Strapless blue satin swimsuit with boned bodice.

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