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(Birth Certificates)
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[[Scottish Records]]
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== Birth Certificates ==
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Over the course of time the details recorded on Scottish birth records has changed slightly. The register used to record the information has remained largely unchanged and an example of the column headings is shown below:
<div align="centre">[[Image:Scotland,Birth cert headings.jpg|750px|center|thumb|Image Crown Copyright HMSO. Birth Certificate Headings]]</div><br>
==== '''From 1855 to the present day''' ====
All birth certificates should include the following information<br>
*Date of birth<br>
*Time and place of birth<br>
*Name (and maiden surname) of mother<br>
*Name, rank, profession or occupation of father (if named)
*Informants' details<br>
*Date and place of registration<br>
==== '''Certificates issued in 1855 only''' ====
Also have the following additional information<br>
*Mother: age and place of birth<br>
*Father: age and place of birth<br>
*Siblings: the number and gender of parents' other children are recorded, whether living or deceased<br>
'''Date and place of parents' marriage''' is recorded on certificates in 1855 and from 1861 to the present day.
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== Marriage Certificates ==
under construction<br>
== Death Certificates ==
An example of the column headings from a statutory death register entry are shown below<br>
<div align="left">[[Image:death cert.jpg|640px|center|thumb|Image Crown Copyright HMSO. Example Scotland Death Certificate Headings]]</div><br>
The information recorded on a death certificate and the dates of any changes are detailed as follows<br>
==== '''1855 to present day'''====
*Marital Status<br>
*Rank, profession or occupation<br>
*Date, time and place of death<br>
*Age at death<br>
*Cause of death<br>
*Parents: name, occupation and "alive or deceased"<br>
*Doctor: name of doctor certifying the death<br>
*Informant: Qualification and signature<br>
*Date and place of registration plus signature of registrar<br>
==== '''1855-1860'''====
*Doctor: when last saw deceased alive<br>
*Burial: Place and name of undertaker<br>
===='''1855 Only'''====
Details of the deceased included this additional information:
*Place of birth<br>
*How long in the district<br>
*The name and age of any surviving children or death details of children who died before their parents<br>
==== '''Odds and Ends'''====
Details of the deceased were changed as follows:<br>
*Date of birth 1966 to date<br>
*Duration of disease 1855-1964<br>
Spouse details were recorded as follows:<br>
*Name of spouse 1855 and then 1861 to present<br>
Informant details were recorded as follows:<br>
*Residence of informant 1855-1965 then 1972 to present<br>
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== Ordering a BMD Certificate ==
Scottish Certificates (known as an "extract") can be obtained in a number of ways depending on the date and type of the event concerned.<br>
The options available are:<br>
'''ScotlandsPeople '''<br>
'''General Register Office for Scotland (GROS)'''<BR>
'''Local Register Offices'''
The ScotlandsPeople website offers search and downloads of the following certificates. If you require a certificate within the dates shown, the site offers the easiest, quickest and cheapest method to obtain certificates:
'''Births 1855-1906'''<br>
'''Marriages 1855-1926'''<br>
'''Deaths 1855-1956'''
A visual introduction to ScotlandsPeople, showing how to search the records and obtain copies of certificates can be found within the wiki at:
*[http://www.familytreeforum.com/wiki/index.php/Visual_Introduction_to_ScotlandsPeople Visual Introduction to ScotlandsPeople]<br>
===='''General Register Office for Scotland (GROS)'''====
The GROS can supply copy extracts for all events from 1855 to the present day. Charges vary according to the level of service selected ("standard" applications should take 5 working days, "priority" applications are supplied on a sameday/nextday basis).
Applications can be made as follows:<br>
In person at New Register House, Edinburgh or<br>
By Telephone, Post or Fax<br>
Full details of current charges and service options are available by visiting [http://www.gro-scotland.gov.uk/famrec/index.html Family Records Information]at the GROS website.
===='''Local Register Offices'''====
Unlike their English and Welsh counterparts the local offices within Scotland have a digitised records system. This allows most of the local registrars to supply copies for '''any event, regardless of whether it is within their district or not'''.
In effect it means that as well as ScotlandsPeople and the GROS there are over a hundred locations where you can obtain a copy certificate for family history purposes.
Links to the council registration services can be found by clicking any county name from the [http://www.familytreeforum.com/wiki/index.php/Scotland Scotland County Index Page]<br>
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