International (non-UK) War Memorials: Photographs

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The Menin Gate. Submitted by Night Owl.

FTF Gallery of International War Memorials

Family Tree Forum collection of International (non-UK) War Memorial photographs

  • If you have any photographs of War Memorials, and would like to include them in this section of the wiki, please post a thread in our Wiki Community Forum, using the Int. War Memorials prefix, and someone will make the addition on your behalf.

  • Please note that any photos submitted must be taken by members, or permission obtained from the photographer. By uploading photographs to Family Tree Forum's server you are licencing them for use by Family Tree Forum. If you are not in a position to grant such a licence please do not upload the image.

  • If a photo appears in the FTF International War Memorial collection which relates to your family history research then copies can be made for personal use. It is discretionary whether you send a private message (pm) to the submitter.

Click on country name - photographs are listed in alphabetical order by place name. Once you have found a photograph to look at, click on it to bring up a larger picture.

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