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==The Family Tree Forum Wiki ==
#redirect [[Help:Notes for Users]]
This section of the site has been created as a repository for reference information that has previously been stored within threads in the forums. This has had the effect of splitting the site into definitive '''Reference''' and '''Forum''' sections
All users will have the ability to create and edit (but not delete) pages within the wiki. These creations and amendments will be tracked by members of the Site Content and Development team to ensure conformity with layout as well as preventing undesirable content from remaining on the site.
If you wish to create content, please read the [[Help Page for Editors]] first to familiarise yourself.  Any content not formatted to the style of the rest of the site will be amended.
==Viewing the Wiki==
====Accessing the information====
*Once you have arrived at the Wiki you will see the Main Page with a menu of links on the left.
<div align="center">[[Image:mainpage.jpg]]</div>
*If a page already has some content, its link will be blue, otherwise the link will be red.
<div align="center">[[Image:newpage.jpg]]</div>
*When you have chosen your page you will sometimes find links within the page - these may take you to other pages in the Wiki or else to other websites.
*Some pages have links to Visual Guides. These are actually images which you might find useful to save or print out for reference. If you do choose to print these pages, it is best to print the picture by right clicking on your mouse and selecting print from the menu.
====Reporting problems, typos and other mistakes====
Please report any instances of these in the [http://www.familytreeforum.com/support-site/19707-report-problem-wiki.html Report a Problem (WIKI)] thread
====Making suggestions and adding information if not an editor====
Please post any information to be added in the [http://www.familytreeforum.com/support-site/19709-suggestions-links-wikid.html Suggestions/Links to be WIKI'd] thread
==Editing Pages==
[[Help Page for Editors]]

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