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There has been much speculation as to where the name originated, speculation what has given rise to many ideas and much guess work. The earliest recording of the name found in England is said to be around 1379 A D;. So we must ask ourselves did this name appear as by magic?

Fieldhouse first appeared in the North of England in 1379 as owning land in that part of England. By the competent historian and researcher , the progress of the name can be followed South, and mostly a family could be seen settling in and around the prominent towns in varying periods in time.

Of course the ending of the Black Death, also put an end to surfdom and heavy handed Normanic slavery, peoples once oppressed, were made to endure. It was following this period in our history the ordinary man began to realise he was in a position to get a better deal from the landed gentry, the surf was on the rise.

Owing to the above changes in society many took advantage of this situation, because they now became land owners themselves, and because a record had to be kept for the kings pleasure and tax purposes, some people who might not have had surnames would have been given one so as to keep the records fare and straight. But we must look beyond the simple explanations given by various Historians, since many would have been nursing a political motive, that is to say, it would have had to be acknowledged without these simplistic explanations, that the unthinkable was in fact possible, that such and such, was a distant relative of so and so. Something along the lines of those who propound the evolutionary theory of mans origin, its much easier than believing in a creator, to whom we are all answerable.

So by looking back in history, we see a earlier recording of Fieldhouse appears in Roman writings and there was in fact both a Germanic settlement called Fieldhouse, in its German equivalent and also Shloss Fieldhouse, which might be translated to fit the name carried by its owners, some who might have been the very ones on record in 1379 A D. in the North of England. The afore would possible fit in with the family legends of Fieldhouse mercenaries coming to fight in England, the legend goes, two brothers Saxon, well known among many Fieldhouse families, is this old legend, or family heirloom of stories told around the blazing fires come bed time.

Submitted by Rattiecolin

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