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CAMPBELL Margaret, Stirling 1893, daughter of Mary Campbell Just Gillian

CARR Robert 1786 1786 Eyemouth, Berwickshire Alexander CARR Mary BOWMAKER Lindores

CARRINGTON Percy Ephraim Stephen 9 June 1899 in Sawbridgeworth, Herts. Parents Percy Verenza Carrington and Lillie Eliza Carrington,(formerly Bruce) Cloggie

CARRINGTON George 9 December 1870 in Hitchin, Bedfordshire,Parents George Carrington and Sarah Carrington,(formerly Cannon) Cloggie

CARRICK Rachel, Falkirk 1856, daughter of Nathaniel Carrick and Elizabeth Hay Just Gillian

CARRICK William, Kilearn Stirling 1861, son of William Carrick and Agnes George Just Gillian

CHARLES Alfred Edward 1895 Shoreditch, father George Charles Christine Clissold

CHALMERS Helen Cameron TRADESTON GLASGOW 1867 Kate from Scotland

CHAPOLAN Janet 19/6/1709 NEWTYLE FIFE James Chapolan/Janet Steenson norahmason

CLARKE George 1st March 1905 in West Croydon. Parents George Clarke (engineers fitter) and Louisa Clarke (formerly Gower) jennie

CLOSE Mary 17 Sept 1860, Spoutburn, Lamesley, Chester-le-Street, Durham. Parents Joseph Close and Mary Close (Formerly Plues) Grampa Jim

CLYDE Robert, Stirling 1879 son of Robert Clyde and Christina Just Gillian


COX Edward 6 July 1867 Parents Edward Cox and Julia Gloria Wales

CRAIG Catherine HUTCHESONTOWN 1870 Kate from Scotland

CRAWFORD Anne 1786 Eyemouth, Berwickshire Robert CRAWFORD Isabella BOGUE Lindores


CROMPTON John 1896 Cheetham Prestwich in the County of Manchester Father John Crompton Matty

CROMPTON Walter 1893 Blackley Prestwich Manchester Father Abraham Crompton Matty

CROW David 1786 Eyemouth, Berwickshire John CROW Alison FLINT Lindores

CUMMINGS Ellen 14th February 1843 Darlington. Parents James and Bessy nee Robinson Jowin1

CUNNINGHAM James, Rothsay Bute, 1887, son of John Cunningham Just Gillian

CUNNINGHAM Andrew 29/3/1835 BO'NESS David Cunningham/Janet Rankin norahmason

CURR David 22/8/17009 NEWTYLE FIFE James Curr/Janet Tailor norahmason

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