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Hi Peeps,

I am Raven. I live on the North East Coast of Scotland near to Aberdeen. I was brought up on the West Coast of Scotland in the County of Ayrshire. My OH and I have lived in Glasgow, Aberdeen and North Wales before returning to the North East of Scotland. I started my interest in Family History about 3 years ago. This was due to my elder sister who showed me the German side of my family through a paper trail left by my Oma (Gran). Since then I have rustled the leaves and added branches to my tree.


Frans Adolf Koehler (1901)
Freidrich Hermann Kohler (1904)
Anna Marthe Supplie (1902-1984)

  • Frans Adolf Koehler (1901)

This is my Grandfather Frans Adolf Koehler (1901). His line has been traced back to August Freidrich Wilhelm Kohler (1820) who was born in Koningsberg East Prussia.

  • Freidrich Hermann Kohler (1904)

This is his brother Freidrich Hermann Kohler (1904) who became my mother's stepfather after the death of his brother Frans.

  • Anna Marthe Supplie (1902-1984)

My grandmother (Oma) Anna Marthe Supplie (1902). In this photo with her is her son Wolfgang. Born in Ragnit, East Prussia and lived with her family there during WW2. In Jan 1945 inhabitants of the town were expelled to Germany, after being taken over by the Soviet 3rd Belarussian Front. After the break up of the Soviet Union it became part of Russia and was renamed Neman. This town is now part of the Kaliningrad Oblast in Russia.


  • William John Matchett 1856-1936
William John Matchett

My Great Grandfather William John Matchett was born in Seagoe, Portadown, Co Armagh, Northern Ireland. Between 1861 and 1863 William John and his family came to Dundee in Scotland and worked in the Jute Mills.
At the age of 18 he enlisted and was attested on 27 June 1874 in Dundee. He served with the 92nd Gordon Highlanders for eight and a half years then transferred to the Reserves for three and a half. For six and half years of his service he spent abroad. He took part in the famous march from Kabul to Kandahar, under the leadership of Lord Roberts. In 1882 he took part in the Egyptian Campaign, taking part in the Battle of Tel-el-Kebir. From my searching I have found out that he went missing 13 Sept 1882. As yet I have found no explanation for this. He was the possessor of the Afghan Medal with three clasps, Kandahar, Kabul and Charasia. He also possessed the Egypt Medal with one clasp, Tel-el-Kebir.
He married Elizabeth Burns on the 14 April 1882 in Methven, Perthshire, before being called up to go to Egypt. When he returned they moved to Ferry Port on Craig, Fife (now known as Tayport). His two eldest children were born here. Richard and William John(my grandfather). William John and Elizabeth moved to Methven Perthshire where the rest of their children were born. Elizabeth died 1903 in Methven. On the 1901 Census William's occupation is that of Church Officer. He remarried in 1916 to Rachel Vannart.
Sadly on the 7 Dec 1936 William John died of old age. Aged 80. He was buried with military honours. His coffin was draped with the Union Jack and was borne to the hearse by a detachment of the Black Watch from Perth Depot. A piper playing a lament headed the cortege. He was buried in Methven Churchyard.


  • James Russell 1866 - 1925
James Russell Dick

Born in 1866 in Stirlingshire along with his twin brother Robert. Their mother Janet Russell was an unmarried Domestic Servant. Family myth says that she was the Housekeeper to Lord Murray. (this I still have to confirm).
I first find the twins in 1871 along with their "grandmother" Agnes Dick in St Ninians in Stirling aged 4 years old. In 1881 Census they are living with their mother and her brothers in Peeblesshire. They are now 14 years old and now called James Russell and Robert Russell Dick.

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