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Barrowford Booth

  • Higherford Methodists is the third chapel on the site. The previous building was dismantled in 1991 to make way for the current one and was bought by a Japanese businessman Mr Takeuchi who in 1996 had it rebuilt at a hotel in the Tokyo suburb of Hachoji as a wedding chapel. It is now known as the Great Victoria Chapel.


Demolished Churches

  • St James ( C of E) Church demolished 1971 tower & spire demolished 1998
  • St John the Baptist (C of E )1979
  • St Margaret (C of E) 1978
  • St Paul (C of E) 1963
  • St Mary Magdalene (RC) Demolished 1980s to make way for motorway.
  • Mount Zion (Primitive Methodist- Duke Bar)
  • Bethel (Primitive Methodist) Building sold to Christian Science Church in 1932 and later demolished
  • Elim Chapel (United Methodist) Demolished 1999. New chapel built on site (Briercliffe Rd Church)
  • Zion (Primitive Methodist - Gannow Top)
  • Brunswick Chapel (United Methodist Free Church) demolished 1963
  • Fulledge Chapel. (Wesleyan Methodist) Church closed 1959. Building demolished in 1992 after a fire in 1985
  • Rosegrove Chapel. (Wesleyan Methodist) Closed in 1984 and later demolished following damage by fire
  • Keighley Green Chapel (Wesleyan)
  • Hargreaves Street chapel (Wesleyan) Demolished 1965, new Central Methodist Church built on same site.
  • Lane Bridge (Wesleyan Methodist) Demolished 1989
  • Wood Top (Wesleyan Methodist)
  • Burnley Wood Chapel (Congregational)
  • Salem (Congregational)
  • Mission Hall (Congregational - Thursby Rd) building used by Free Gospel Mission from about 1950
  • Westgate Chapel (Congregational) Damaged by fire 1973 and later demolished
  • Unitarian Chapel, Habergham Eaves

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