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Kincardine O'Neil

Christ Church, Episcopal Church is just a year or two younger than the nearby Parish Church dating to the mid 1860's, built to house a small congregation of around 100 this simple rectangular building has a small louvred pointed dovecote "spire" and neat but small graveyard.

Parish Church, Kincardine O'Neil replaces an earlier building, dating to the early 1860's. Using a common "bay" system of building the church does not seem that ornate but the fine buttressed gable overlooking the road demonstrates some nice dressed stonework around the windows.

Mid Deeside Parish Church, Kincardine O'Neil dates to the 1870's, John Russell McKenzie (a Kirkudbrightshire architect) played a part in the design of the building. The squat square tower has a steep slate covered spire and the building overall is an unusual shape, quite different to many of the other churches in the area which are either rectangular or "T" shaped plans.

Now known as South Church this hall shaped granite church with small tower dates to 1905, originally built as a United Free Church for the Craigmyle Free Congregation.

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